Our company holds a training session on distributed photovoltaic power generation systems

The enterprise development strategy demonstration meeting was successfully held


Wu Yinfang, a member of the Standing Committee of the Council of the China Association for the Promotion of International Science and Technology, and the Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Software at Tsinghua University. Guo Juhao, a former Vice President of the Institute of Nuclear Energy at Tsinghua University, and other national energy economy and industry technical experts were invited to participate in the enterprise development strategy demonstration meeting. At the meeting, Mr. Wang Weiting, the Chairman of the Company, delivered a welcoming speech, and Executive President Jin Xuelian briefly summarized the enterprise strategy, The attending experts gave speeches: highly recognized and praised, and then put forward reasonable guidance suggestions

The 2011 annual work meeting of the company was successfully held


At the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit, spring blooms, and the grand plan unfolds forever! As the New Year's bell was about to ring, at 1:30 pm on January 27, 2011, the Zhongtian Tongyuan Annual Meeting was grandly held in the company's second floor conference room! All employees of the company gathered together to share the happiness and joy from this big family.

Establish preliminary strategic partnership between the company and Western clients


In order to comply with the requirements of market strategy, the company dispatched the first batch of inspection teams since the New Year to investigate and explore the market in western China, which is relatively rich in solar resources, on February 25th.

The company has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Jiangsu Shuangdeng Electrical Cable Co., Ltd


On March 7, 2011, the company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Jiangsu Shuangdeng electric cable Co., Ltd. In view of the strong complementarity and great potential for cooperation between the two sides, after full consultation, the two sides agreed to establish a long-term and stable strategic partnership for common development

The Symposium on the engineering solutions of a solar lighting and photovoltaic power generation system in Qinghai was successfully held in our company


On the afternoon of March 14th, 2011, a seminar on solar lighting and photovoltaic power generation system engineering solutions between our company and a company in Qinghai was held in the company's conference hall. General manager Zhang, a customer of Qinghai Province

The company officially signed a contract with Qinghai Zhende Mining Co., Ltd


In the clear and bright season when the sun is shining and everything competes for spring, the signing ceremony between our company and Qinghai Zhende Mining Co., Ltd. on solar lighting and photovoltaic power generation system project was welcomed. At 12:30 on April 1, 2011, the signing ceremony was grandly held in the company's conference hall. The subject matter of the contract was 18.9858 million yuan