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Talent Strategy

1、Human resource objectives

Our company sticks to the enterprise development concept of "people-centered", attracts, cultivates and retains the high-level talents which are closely related to the operation industry, builds the elite talent team with reasonable configuration and structure optimization, and constantly innovates the compensation and welfare system. Enterprise brand, scale to adapt to the protection of reasonable flow, to stabilize the backbone of the workforce to provide a solid guarantee, to build "learning organization" staff growth mechanism, effectively promote the common development of employees and enterprises.



Eclectic talent, breaking the traditional concept of employment, according to the company's development plan Quartet excellence;

On the other hand is to gradually break the identity and qualifications boundaries, the establishment of a flexible employment system, the company's employment standards into capacity-based merit hiring, each employee has unlimited room for growth and enhance the opportunity.


3、Human resource management

Performance management is an important part of human resource management and provides guidance documents for the implementation and implementation of other systems. The company designs and implements the performance management system with the man-made means and the company strategy as the guidance, so as to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff and improve the staff's work efficiency.

Its core ideas through the following two indicators have been implemented: First, the key performance indicators "oriented performance indicators; Second, the core values of the enterprise behavior-oriented indicators. Through the above two indicators, the performance appraisal system will be fully quantified, so that fair and impartial assessment and incentives are evidence.

“Key Performance Indicators”Itself is very focused on people-oriented, emphasizing teamwork and personal play together, emphasizing the team performance based on the realization of personal values, the company's stage goals are broken down to the various teams to develop a rigorous team KPI indicators, and then further fine Sub-divided into time-bound and quantitative constraints of the individual KPI performance indicators, and so on, layers of subdivision, the management center and responsibility center continue to move down, through personal efforts and team of efficient cooperation to achieve the Group's overall strategic objectives.


4、Salary system

The company has implemented an industry-competitive pay system that is matched with the performance of its employees and always adhered to the concept of partner system and full dividend, so that employees can realize their personal value while creating value for the company.


5、Training system

Training is the driving force for the development and innovation of modern enterprises. It is also an important way to attract talents. It is also a long-term strategic investment. Our company first made a full training budget, and then on the basis of adequate funding to develop a detailed training program and arrange training courses, and rigidly implemented to the grassroots.