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Solar lawn lamp series

Application places: parks, parks, scenic spots


Indoor and outdoor LED lighting energy-saving products


Solar lawn lamp series



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    Height: 60-80cm

    Material: The lamp body is made of aluminum casting, beautiful and durable;

    Suitable light source: LED light / 0.5-3W;

    Solar cells: the use of high conversion rate of single crystal / polycrystalline silicon solar modules, generally 2-4w;

    Battery: fully sealed valve maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, 6V / 4.5-9AH;

    Controller: Microcomputer intelligent control;

    Performance: in the case of adequate electricity, can be used to contact 2-3 rainy days;

    Scope: annual sunshine hours greater than 2200 hours of the region.

    Use of the environment: -25 ℃ - +65 ℃

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