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  • 产品名称: Solar yard lamp series
  • Summary:
  • Application site: Street, park, park
  • Minimum starting sales: 50
  • * All the above quotations are free shipping and installation costs: 47
  • 币种:
    • Category: Independent system Solar + electricity complementary system
    • Specifications: 18W 30w 40w



Poles: height 3-4m optional, full set of hot-dip galvanized steel products after outdoor high-quality steel powder;


Suitable light source: 10-40wled light source, luminous flux 1000-4000lm;


Solar panels: 30-160w, the use of high conversion rate of single / polycrystalline solar panels;


Battery: 40-180AH / 12V, high - performance photovoltaic energy storage colloid batteries;


Controller: 12V / 10A, solar dedicated controller, using microcomputer chip, digital circuit intelligent control, including light control, timing, overcharge, over discharge, lightning protection, waterproof and other protective measures


Wind resistance: ≥ 40m / min


Earthquake rating:> 8 level


Use of the environment: -25 ℃ - +65 ℃


Performance: in the case of adequate power, can be used every day 6-12 hours, 2-3 consecutive rainy days;


Scope: annual sunshine hours greater than 2200 hours of the region


Note: The above data is for reference only, according to the different installation location of the lamp, customer demand is different, the configuration is different.

Solar garden lights configuration table:

Serial number

Pole height

Pole spacing 

Power supply mode

Street light source + power configuration

Street light source height

Meet the lighting time

Solar panel configuration

Battery configuration 



20 Meters

12V System

LED-18W,Single wick≥1W


3 rainy days, every night light 3H





20-25 Meters

12V System

LED-30W,Single wick≥1W


3 rainy days, every night light 3H





25-30 Meters

12V System

LED-40W,Single wick≥1W


3 rainy days, every night light 3H



Note: 1, the above offer tax free shipping, excluding installation. 2, the product for the bulk purchase price, a separate product accounting. 3, the product configuration to customer demand design, the above configuration for the Beijing area sunshine hours as an example of design reference; 4, the offer valid for one month.


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