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Deputy join
1.Join process

2.Join conditions

● To be Familiar with the local solar energy industry and product market, have many market resources;

● To have at least two full - time marketing employees, two after-sales staff such as installation employees;

● To have business license, tax registration certificate, the organization code certificate and so on;

● To bea legitimate business entity;

● To have a fixed office space and the area shall not be less than 50 square meters.

3.Join support

Market support

● Based on our long time cooperation with Sohu, Baidu, NetEase, Sina, Tencent and other well-known website , we can provide agents strong supports on publicity and marketing by internet

● Provide advertising supports at bus station, subway station and other outdoor;

● Participate in professional exhibitions and professional forums to enhance brand influence;

● Provide high-level public relations support for key projects.

Technical Support

● More than 40 technical patents;

● Tender Technical Program Support;

● Remote and on-site support.

Brand support

● State-level high-tech enterprise;

● Long-term technical cooperation with Tsinghua University;

● Many affiliates distributed in China;

● With The European Union CE certification, ROHS certification;

● Won the certificate of new technology and new products.

Training supports

● Comprehensive sales skill training;

● Detailed installation training;

● System operation and management guidance;

● A variety of promotional resources to support.

Perfect after-sales service system

● Perfect customer relationship management system

● 800 free service hotline;

● Model projects throughout the various industries.